he heard a footstep

footfall, step, tread, stomp, stamp

footsteps in the sand

footprint, footmark, mark, impression; (footsteps) track(s), spoor

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  • Footstep — or Footsteps may refer to:* A step and its sound effect for various media like films and video gamesMusic * Footsteps (Pearl Jam song), a 1992 song by Pearl Jam * Footsteps , a 1994 rock music song on The Mind s Eye by Stiltskin * Griot s… …   Wikipedia

  • Footstep — Foot step , n. 1. The mark or impression of the foot; a track; hence, visible sign of a course pursued; token; mark; as, the footsteps of divine wisdom. [1913 Webster] How on the faltering footsteps of decay Youth presses. Bryant. [1913 Webster]… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • footstep — index step Burton s Legal Thesaurus. William C. Burton. 2006 …   Law dictionary

  • footstep — (n.) early 13c., footprint, from FOOT (Cf. foot) (n.) + STEP (Cf. step) (n.). Meaning a tread or fall of the foot is first attested 1530s. Figurative expression to follow in (someone s) footsteps is from 1540s …   Etymology dictionary

  • footstep — ► NOUN ▪ a step taken in walking, especially as heard by another person. ● follow (or tread) in someone s footsteps Cf. ↑tread in someone s footsteps …   English terms dictionary

  • footstep — [foot′step΄] n. 1. a person s step 2. the distance covered in a step 3. the sound of a step; footfall 4. a footprint 5. a step in a stairway follow in someone s footsteps to follow someone s example, vocation, etc.; be or try to be like some… …   English World dictionary

  • footstep — noun (usually footsteps) ADJECTIVE ▪ heavy ▪ light ▪ dragging ▪ He heard the sound of heavy, dragging footsteps in the corridor. ▪ measured …   Collocations dictionary

  • footstep */ — UK [ˈfʊtˌstep] / US noun [countable, usually plural] Word forms footstep : singular footstep plural footsteps the sound that your feet make when you are walking I heard my husband s footsteps coming up the stairs. • follow in someone s footsteps …   English dictionary

  • footstep — [[t]f ʊtstep[/t]] footsteps 1) N COUNT: usu pl A footstep is the sound or mark that is made by someone walking each time their foot touches the ground. I heard footsteps outside. 2) PHRASE: V inflects If you follow in someone s footsteps, you do… …   English dictionary

  • footstep — /ˈfʊtstɛp / (say footstep) noun 1. a step or tread of the foot, or the sound produced by it; footfall. 2. the distance traversed by the foot in stepping; a pace. 3. → footprint (def. 1). 4. a step by which to ascend or descend. –phrase 5. follow… …  

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